Wellnes and relax

We have a place for you where you will feel naturally, cozily and easily. The places, where you pleasantly take relax and refresh your energy.

Finnish Sauna

After a good day full of skiing, your body is waiting for the warmth; which our sauna is full of. Warmth is easily spreading over your all body and gives it energy for the other active days. Sauna will loosen up your stiffed muscles, pump blood into you frozen legs and fulfill your body by the feeling of beautiful warmth. There are two beds for comfortable relax in a pair in the sauna. You can easily watch from the warmth of sauna what your children are doing through the glass door.


Whirlpool is a home oasis, place for regeneration of your energy, rest and relaxes. Marvelous warm bath in the Spa is still ready for you tired body. Warm bath filled with massage gets out lactic acid, which is put into your muscles during sport activities and it causes their hardness and pain.
In the large space of the whirlpool there are two beds, two chairs and deep chair Shiatsu. Altogether 61 water and air jets care for you comfort.

Tub of courage

If your body is filled of sauna warmth, it is necessary to cool it down in order to pump blood to all part of it. Therefore let you down into the tub of courage filled up to the edge by frozen water. You feel thousands of needles sticking to your body and then beautiful delightful relief.

Heated bench

It is necessary to relax after taking a sauna or whirlpool. Our heated bench serves for you where warmth from the bottom is raising over all your body. Your body is relaxing; you feel warmth going from legs up to your mind. Your mind is calm and got clear from all the worries. Talking with you friends or a glass of drink is pleasant relax point.

Massage offer

Do you want to relax your body and to be cosseted by professional masseur? You can order one of the offered massages, choose an hour and then you can enjoy yourself to another beautiful experience.


Sport performance of all the day is not enough for you? At the end of the day you can work out in our small fitness using exercise tower, bike or bench.

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