We started to offer spring and summer holiday

Ubytování v Penzionu U Veselých v Peci pod Sněžkou.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why can't I park at the guest house in the winter? In the winter, at least 80% of the buildings in all Czech and Moravian mountains are inaccessible by car, because the access road cannot be kept passable. You will come by car under the pension, where you can unload your luggage and walk 150 meters to the pension. More about parking on this page in the parking section.
  • Isn't it uphill to you? Pec pod Sněžkou lies in a deep valley. The road winds down and there are guesthouses and cottages in the meadows above it. The pension is located just above the main road, so you have to go a little uphill. However, the center takes only 4 minutes.
  • How do I get to you? There are links to Mapy.cz or Google Maps on the contact page. Unpack the map and print it if necessary. The pension is located in front of Pec pod Sněžkou called Velká Úpa, it is not worth going back to Pec or somewhere in the hills. If you still can't find us, call us by mobile phone, tell us the name of some object where you are and we will advise you where to find us.
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