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Výlety a zábava v Peci pod Sněžkou

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Summer trips
During 25 years, we have walked almost all the trails in the Giant Mountains, visited many places here and in the surrounding area. Use our tried-and-true tips for young and old to enjoy a stay in our guest house that you will remember for a long time.

The best place for dinner in Velka Upa - Lovecka chata

We have only two restaurants which we can really recommend. And the first one is about only 600m far from penzion

Cieplice spa, joy for children and sauna comfort for adults

Cieplice thermal spa is an aqua park with saunas, many fantastic pools filled with mineral water at a temperature of 30-36˚, only 45 km from us in Poland

Trips by car

Hike from Velka Upa to the top of Snezka

Hikes to Snezka - where to go to Snezka from Velka Upa and Pomezni boudy, view point to the lake Maly Staw and Lucni bouda. Penzion u Veselych recomends accommodation in Pec pod Snezkou

Hiking15 / 16 / 23 km

Peat-bogs on Cerna mountains and Vlasske boudy

Pec pod Snezkou trips - trails around Cerna hora with peat-bogs visit - recommends Penzion u Veselych when staying in Pec pod Snezkou

Hiking7 / 11 km

The ridge path over Lisci hora to the buffet Na Rozcesti or up to Lucni bouda

Pec pod Snezkou trips - Touristic trails Lisci hora, Bufet na Rozcesti, Lucni bouda a back to Pec recommends Penzion u Veselych

Hiking10 / 18 km

Over Pancavsky waterfall, Elbe spring to Snezne jamy

Spindleruv mlyn trips - tourist routes Elbe spring, Labska hut, Snezne jamy, Vosecka bouda. Penzion u Veselych recommends accommodation in Pec pod Snezkou

Hiking5 / 10 / 18 / 22 km

A beautiful walk to the Deer meadow

Pec pod Snezkou trips - The Jelení louky cottage with a good restaurant for Sunday mornings and to say goodbye to the Krkonose Mountains recommends Penzion u Veselých in Pec

Walk5 kmFor childrenStroller

Beautifull walk over Vlci jama

Pec pod Snezkou with children - walk Vlci jama. Short walk for Sunday mornings, recommended by Penzion u Veselych at accommodation in Pec pod Snezkou

Walk5 km

Forgotten trails - a beautiful path to the Signal and Tippelt sheds

Pec pod Snezkou trips - Signal view point and Big Tiepelt´s sheds. Krkonoše routes through uncrowded places are recommended by Penzion u Veselych when staying in Pec pod Snezkou

Hiking11 km

Fairy tale journey at Mala Upa

Pec pod Snezkou with children - Fairy tale journey in Mala Upa. Penzion u Veselych recommends as a grateful destination for small visitors when staying in Pec pod Snezkou

A walk7 kmFor small childrenStroller

Two cycling routes and 4 hills for enthusiasts

Cycle routes Pec pod Snezkou - description of cycle routes over Lví dul and Rychory and 4 trips to the hills to Ruzohorky, Pomezni boudy, Vyrovka and Signal

Cycling19 / 37 kmUp into the hills
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